Ida Cathrin Utvik is a choreographer from Karmøy, an island on Norway's west coast. She holds a BA in dance and pedagogy from the University of Stavanger and an MA in choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Ida has been working as a teacher and performer for many years, focusing on performing arts for and with children. She is currently located in Oslo, Norway, where she creates her choreographic work for young audiences, and in collaboration with costume designer Lærke Bang Barfod under the name Utvik/Barfod.

Ida's interest in choreography derives from her fascination with the interaction between the body and material. She emphasises multi-sensory and cross-artistic formats in performing arts for children, as she believes this approach allows for bodily experiencing rather than passive observation of the performance. Her work is based on a holistic and symbiotic relationship between the body and space, living and non-living matter so that both bodies, materials, and space are choreographed.

phone: +47 41208075