Once there was a forest

Det var en gang en skog

Isn´t it strange to think about all the paper in all the books in the library, and that all of them once were trees? 
How does it affect our earth when we cut down the forests and replace them with buildings and factories?
And what about all the animals in the forest? Where will they live when all the trees have become blocks and flats?

Now a forest has re-emerged from paper in the library, and in the paper forest two strange creatures appear.

The performance is inspired by the children's book "A Forest" by Marc Martin. It is a site-specific/site-responsive work for the library, targeted at children 0-2 years and their adult companions. It unfolds as a visual, auditory and tactile play with the material paper, and invites the smallest children into a bodily and multi-sensory experience of the work.

Choreography: Ida Cathrin Utvik
Scenography: Ayana Ishihara
Co-creating dancers: Kamilla Moen and Oda Rognø
Music: Maia Viken
Costumes: Tekla Lou Fure Brandsæter and Dardane Berisha
Costumes 2024: Lærke Bang Barfod
Supervisor: Janne-Camilla Lyster
Co-production: Oslo Academy of Arts and Deichman Bjørvika
Photos: Tania Maria Musina