In a sensory landscape of textile stones, an abstract universe of strange shapes, crunching sounds, rocking movement and electric guitar tones emerges, all adapted to the exploratory little children who senses and understands the world with their whole being.

"Rock a-bye" examines "Rock" with its various meanings - as material (stone), as musical genre (rock) and as movement (cradling), in a multi-sensory dance performance for the youngest children (6-18 months) and their caregivers . It unfolds as a moving installation where the children are surrounded by scenography and dancers, sounds and lights. The children have complete freedom of movement and are allowed to explore the space in interaction with the dancers.

Choreography and producer: Ida Cathrin Utvik
Costume and scenography: Lærke Bang Barfod
Music and sound design: James Layton
Lighting design and technical responsible: Martin Myrvold
Co-creating dancers:
Anders Engebretsen
Andreas Holme Kjærland
Oda Rognø
Oda Olivia Ø. Lindegård
Clara Victoria Fischer
Amelia Møller

Supervisors: Anne Grete Eriksen and Venke Marie Sortland
Co-production: Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Kloden theatre
Photo and video: Tania Maria Musina and Yaniv Cohen

Supported by FFUK, Kulturrådet (Norwegian Arts Council) and Festiviteten Konserthus.