The purple world of strange things

Himstregimser og andre duppeditter

What do you actually call those things that have no name? Those strange things? "Himstregimser og andre duppeditter/The purple world of strange things" is an interactive and multi-sensory dance performance and installation that invites children into an abstract world of shapes, textures, sound and movement. The room is filled with imaginative and strange textile objects that all have their countless functions, and that play on a variety of senses. Where did we arrive? It doesn't really matter. Because here we don´t have to understand or interpret, or follow a certain story. Here, on the contrary, it is about letting the play, the senses and the imagination guide us, in this strange world that operates according to its own rules. There are trees made of hats and giant pearl necklaces, and we meet two strange creatures that live here. Through their and the children's interaction with the objects, the room and the bodies are in constant transformation. Things open and turn, change color, become fringy, make strange noises and attach to the body in various strange ways. The children are involved in the exploration, and get to investigate, touch, test and try, in a playful and inconclusive world that opens up more questions than answers.

*For children 3-6 years and their adults.

Concept: Utvik/Barfod
Choreography: Ida Cathrin Utvik

Costume and scenographyi: Lærke Bang Barfod
Music and sound design: William Kjeldsberg
Co-creative dancers: Fie Dam Mygind, Marlene Bonnesen og Anders Engebretsen
Supervisor during pre-project: Anne Grete Eriksen
Photos: Yaniv Cohen

Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council/Kulturrådet, Spenn, Viken Fylkeskommune, Kloden Theater, FFUK and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 

Co-produced by Bærum Kulturhus.